Philipp Skribanowitz

Co-Founder & CEO @ Mimi Hearing Technologies

Founder and CEO of Berlin-based Mimi Hearing Technologies. His team of 32 talents is on the mission to overcome hearing loss by building “glasses for the ears” – smartphone-based hearing test accessible for everyone and a SDK (Software Development Kit) for device and audio service providers that enables them to personalize sound to the hearing ability of their audience.

Coming from a Mechanical Engineering background focusing on lean manufacturing, sustainable innovation, Philipp shifted of to user centered design and business model innovation. Co-teaching Design Thinking courses at the University of St. Gallen in collaboration with Stanford University and working for companies like SAP, Audi and Deutsche Bank.

Before founding Mimi, Philipp joined Atlantic Labs as a Venture Partner and Business Innovator, kicking off and helping several tech companies to grow their products and teams.