Sarah Voice

Product Owner @ Mimi Hearing Technologies

Sarah is passionate about sound and human connection, and is putting those passions to use as a Product Owner at Mimi Hearing Technologies. Mimi’s goal is to create a world where hearing ability is no longer a barrier to perfect sound. Mimi accomplishes this using cutting edge testing technology and sound processing to allow people to experience sound in its entirety, in its purest form, despite the imperfections of human hearing. Sarah is responsible for shaping Mimi’s innovative products, and fulfilling their mission of bringing the joy of sound to all.

Prior to Mimi, Sarah spent many years working in Healthcare tech in the US, understanding the human impact of tech in healthcare delivery networks and designing systems that enhanced human connection in the healthcare space.

In addition to working on testing and sound processing technologies at Mimi, Sarah is also an avid classical music fan. She holds dual degrees in Engineering and Voice Performance from the University of Michigan, where she studied with renowned American opera singer Shirley Verrett.