Tillmann Stauske

Head of Marketing & Innovation for New Business and Digital @ Volkswagen AG

Tillmann Stauske is a Brand Strategist and Digital Creative with a 20+ Years Track Record in Experiental Marketing, Advertising, Events, Consulting, Digital and Innovation. Before he joined Volkswagen AG in 2010 he founded the creative agency „Explizit“ in Munich. As the CEO he managed the agency on brand strategies, franchise development, advertising and creative direction. In 1994 Tillmann co-founded the first franchise company “SOS Notruf GmbH” in the so called social market in Germany. A company dedicating its purpose to enable elderly people to live at home as long and safe as possible. In 2010 he joined Volkswagen AG as Head of Motorshows and Events and managed award winning projects around the globe for the brand Volkswagen.  Fascinated by uniting customers, brand and products in unique brand spaces Tillmann Stauske wanted to intensify the customer experience by exploring new and immersive technologies. Since October 2017 he has been dedicated to his passion by taken over as Head of Marketing & Innovation for New Business and Digital to contribute to the digital transformation and innovation.