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Karajan Music Tech 2022

8th April 2023


Re-watch the 2022 Karajan Music Tech conference streamed online due to COVID-19 restrictions where we gathered experts, innovators and significant figures in the music industry to talk about NFTs, Web3, DAOs in Music.

2022 Programme

Get ready for the technology-focused program full of innovation that Karajan Music Tech 2022 has in store.

Digital Content Management in a Decentralized and Democratized Online World

Together with experts from the music and tech industries, we will reflect on the status quo of digital content management and evaluate an innovative proposition for content identification

Academy of Music 3.0

In this session we will look at ways in which music universities can support musicians via crypto.

Web3 and Music 101

Join Kaitlyn Davies for an introductory session on emerging web3 technologies and applications to music creation and distribution.

EyeHarp and Inclusion in MusicTech

Musictech is a powerful tool to enable inclusivity for humans with disabilities. This panel showcases EyeHarp and its transformative technology.

NFTs as Digital Gesamtkunstwerk: How Musicians Can Utilize Web3 to Create New Art

Violinist and music entrepreneur Aurora Mendez gives us an overview on the multiple ways in which musicians are using NFTs right now.

Success Stories, Strategies and Insights from the Artists
@CristinaSpinei, @studionouveau_, @saeunncello, @tarotsings, @NiftySax, @MendezViolin, @fifirong

Come and join us for a lively conversation with some of the most active musical NFTartists!

NFTs and Intellectual Property Rights

One of the pioneers of the blockchain world share his insight into how NFTs and tokens can be used to model intellectual copyright.

Enabling Creativity and Unlocking Value in Decentralized Music
@trentmc0, @simondlr, @izakaminska, @RebeccaAtDrops

This panel gives an overview and outlook on the emerging decentralized music ecosystem.

Building a Music DAO: First Steps and Future Thinking

Nicole d'Avis shows us how musicians and organizations can build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Governance and Regulatory Issues Surrounding DAOs
@mybellalogica, @silkenoa

Join us for a conversation about the ins and outs of running a DAO today!

A Conversation About AI, Art and the Blockchain
@merzmensch, @matthiasroder

In this conversation we explore the current state of creative AIs and how they can be connected to the world of blockchains.

Moving Music AI Into the Metaverse

This talk looks at how music AI can be presented and experienced in the metaverse.

Panel and MozartBeats: Programmable Music and Participatory Art
@watchensee, @SupinFrancisco

If you want to learn about creative and interactive ways to use NFTs in music, join this panel on MozartBeats and!

Are MusicNFT Platforms the New Labels?
@dopr_ai, @ptomelitsch, @ralphtalmont, @robinspots, @RebeccaAtDrops

Join this panel to learn about the various types of NFT platforms that are currently emerging and growing.


2022 Speakers

We have gathered top musical figures to speak at our event.

Patrick Tomelitsch
Cultural Places

Patrick Tomelitsch is a 33-year-old entrepreneur currently living in Vienna, Austria. He is the CEO of the OROUNDO Mobile group, a technology company that is focusing on building an international cultural platform, Cultural Places. Cultural Places serves various clients around the world across the companies five locations in Europe and South-East-Asia and has a team of 30 people. Patrick is also a partner and shareholder in Three For One Trading, a Vienna-based trading company for Magic, the Gathering cards. Patrick also owns his own IT- and Management consulting business. Patrick's current focus lies in building a DeFi-based cultural community, including decentralized funding for cultural businesses, rewards and NFT´s. All info at

Matthias Röder
Karajan Institute

Dr. Matthias Röder is renowned as a music and technology strategist, holding a board member role at the Karajan Foundation, and being Managing Director at the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute. Additionally, he contributes as a board of trustees member for the Mozarteum Foundation. As a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Mindshift, he focuses on consultancy in creative leadership and innovation management. In 2017, he initiated the Karajan Music Tech Conference, an event dedicated to advancing cutting-edge technologies in the realms of music, media, and audio. Earlier, in 2013, he started the Classical Music Hack Day series. Alongside his wife, Seda Röder, he co-established the Sonophilia Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and their positive impacts on innovation, social well-being, and personal fulfillment. His work has earned him numerous awards, including the “Game Changer” Award from the Chamber of Commerce Salzburg. A respected speaker and educator, Dr. Röder has taught at institutions like Harvard University, the Change & Innovation Management Program at the University of St. Gall, and Salzburg University. He holds a PhD in music from Harvard University and is an alumnus of the Mozarteum University Salzburg.

Andy Zmolek
Jovanka von Wilsdorf
Artist profiler / Songwriter @BMG Rights Management

Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, creative consultant, artist coach and musician, is the Initiator of the DIANA AI Song Contest and the Female* Producer Price, and gives forward-looking impulses to international careers as a public speaker.

Before signing with BMG as a songwriter and sub-publisher, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf toured Europe with her band QUARKS and released five albums on Sony Music and Monika Enterprise. She has played leading roles at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus, written advertising copy for brands such as Edeka, Melitta, Adidas and Coca-Cola, and is the author of the book “Gequälte Brötchen,” published by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf.

Zacharias Vamvakousis

Zacharias Vamvakousis is a founding member and CEO of EyeHarp Association, an entity that aims to make music playing accessible to people with upper-limb motor disabilities. Zacharias is the developer of EyeHarp, the first eye-controlled digital music instrument. He studied Computer Science & Telecommunications at University of Athens. At Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Zacharias obtained a Master’s degree in Sound and Music Computing, and earned a PhD entitled: "Digital Musical Instruments for People with Physical Disabilities".

Yancey Strickler
Ture Studio Nouveau

Crypto art and music duo Studio Nouveau formed in May 2020, intending to explore NFTs as a medium for the scarce ownership of music, multimedia video art, and as a means to decorate the metaverse with 3D digital sculptures. Studio Nouveau's genesis project was their multimedia music album "Audiovisual," released track by track on SuperRare between July and September 2020. Each track is a single edition audiovisual NFT.

Titusz Pan

Titusz Pan is an entrepreneur and open-source developer. He is the inventor and architect of the ISCC. As co-founder and CEO of Craft AG, he has been developing media technology projects and incubations since the year 2000.

Trent McConaghy
Ocean Protocol

Trent McConaghy co-founded Ocean Protocol, building decentralized tools to level the playing field for AI and data. He has worked on AI since the mid 90s, Python since the early 2000s, and blockchain since the early 2010s.

Tarot Sings

A 24 year old independent artist, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. TAROT graduated from Belmont University in 2019 with a degree in Songwriting and Music Business. Currently TAROT has been immersing herself in web 3 as she paves a new path to release her debut album experience “Wake” to be released July 2022. She released 28 music NFTs on her own smart contract that she produced, wrote, recorded, and mixed every day for the Tarotsings Music NFT Marathon collection.

Simon de la Rouviere

Simon de la Rouviere the co-design of the ERC20 token standard, inventor of token bonding curves, created the first music royalty splits on a blockchain, and now telling stories using NFTs.

Sebastian Posth

Sebastian is an entrepreneur and consultant in the cultural and creative industries with a focus on digital innovation and blockchain technology. Sebastian started his professional career in book publishing, in 2005 he founded the first ebook distribution service in the German market. Later he worked for arvato (Bertelsmann) and other media organisations on the intersection of business and technology. Sebastian is co-initiator of the International Standard Content Code, convenor of the ISO working group on the ISCC, and co-founder and co-director of the ISCC Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based in the Netherlands.

Shannon Chen See

Shannon Chen See (she/her) is a mission-driven storyteller passionate about the intersection of people, creativity, and technology. She is the Product Marketing Lead at Async, an NFT platform for experiencing interactive and generative art & music. Shannon is also involved with Holdersland, a community empowering Caribbean creatives with Web3 technology. As a poet and a marketer, she wants to leverage her dual experience to make lasting impact in the NFT space.

Silke Noa Elrifai

Silke Noa is a lawyer and mathematician with a passion for disintermediation and privacy tech. Silke has advised blockchain projects since 2014 focusing on legal product design that is both pragmatic and dispute-resistant. She regularly advises on DAO structures and their interaction with legacy legal systems. Silke is admitted to practice law in England & Wales, New York and Germany and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Robin Spottiswoode
Nifty Music

Co-founder at Nifty Music, creator of the NFT Music Chart and lead developer on several sold-out NFT collections.

Saeunn Thorsteins

Icelandic cellist, Sæunn Thorsteinsdottir, has appeared as soloist with the BBC Symphony, LA Philharmonic, Toronto, Seattle, and Iceland Symphonies and has performed in some of the world’s big stages, including Carnegie Hall, Suntory Hall, Elbphilharmonie and the Barbican Center in London. Sæunn recently released an album of Icelandic works for solo cello, “Vernacular”, and her recording of the cello concerto “Quake” by Páll Ragnar Pálsson with the Iceland Symphony was nominated for a 2020 Grammy award. She serves on the faculty of the University of Washington in Seattle, teaching cello and chamber music. More information can be found on her website:

Richard Graf

He is a musician, composer and the Vice Rector for Education and Digitalisation at the JAM MUSIC LAB University interested in exploring new possibilities of the Web 3.0, the blockchain technology and metaverse in the context of multimodal teaching, learning and performing music. He researches new aspects of digital ownership and digital distribution of musical works.

Sam Brukhman
Rebecca Miller

I'm the co-founder & CEO of music NFT platform, you can read about our manifest on We enable immersive music experiences (virtual and in-real-life) with more artist autonomy through smart contracts. To enable interoperability and longevity of everything we create we participate in global music NFT working groups for contract standardisation. I'm also a NFT collector and proud member of Bright Moments arts organisation via the CryptoCitizens NFT community in Berlin.

Raphael Eckardt

Raphael Eckardt has been the label manager of the Halle-based label for audiovisual performing arts "Arthaus Musik" since 2020. He previously gained experience in the music media industry with the Leipzig label Rondeau Production, among others. As the person responsible for international sales and internal product processes, he plays a key role in shaping the digitization process at Arthaus Musik. With a catalog of over 1300 programs from the fields of music and culture, Arthaus Musik is one of the largest labels for classical music and art in Europe.

Ralph Talmont
Concert Hall NFT
Nicole d'Avis

Nicole is co-creator at Seed Club, a DAO that builds and invests in communities. Previously, as the Managing Director of Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, Nicole led the Open Music Initiative, a 300+ music industry member consortium focused on streamlining metadata and payment tracking for artists, and co-founded RAIDAR, a blockchain based music licensing platform built by and for Berklee student artists. Nicole’s speaking engagements include the MIT Connection Science / Forbes Imagination in Action event at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos and the Unclaimed Royalties Symposium at the U.S. Library of Congress.

Nifty Sax
Nifty Music

Saxophonist, Composer, Music Director for 20+ years.His Music NFTs generated over 46 ETH in sales volume.Co-founder of Nifty Music.

Michael Fembek

Michael Fembek has initiated and developed the Zero Project since its early beginnings in 2009, a global ecosystem to promote innovative solutions supporting the life and rights of persons with disabilities, and servies at its Director since 2012. As the programme manager of the Essl Foundation, he is personally in charge of the whole organizing process from research to the Zero Project Conference. Michael Fembek also co-initiated several activities to promote philanthropy in Austria, including the association Sinnstifter, Verband fuer Gemeinnuetziges Stiften, the House of Philanthropy and the Sinnbildungsstiftung.He is also the publisher of the annual CSR-Guide for Austria.

Merzmensch Kosmopol

Artist, writer and researcher, exploring creativity by Artificial Intelligence. Creates literary texts, short movies, music videos, theater plays using new technologies. The main focus is on the creative collaboration between human and machines.Writes essays and articles for several digital magazines, primarily for

Mat Dryhurst
Lisa Liang
Kristjan Järvi
Kaitlyn Davies

Kaitlyn Davies (she/her) is a Berlin-based Canadian, where she works and collaborates at the forefront of music and technology. She explores this nexus through research, presentation and event facilitation alongside her co-founded collective CO:QUO, and hosts radio shows on Refuge Worldwide and Cashmere Radio.

Katharina Jeschke

As Secretary General of the IMZ International Music + Media Centre, Katharina Jeschke is a curator, developer and host of music film festivals and competitions worldwide. She is also the programme developer of Avant Première Music + Media Market Berlin, the international trade fair for cultural TV and VOD content. She also is the driving force of the IMZ Online Services and Content.Agent, an innovative new global B2B marketplace for film license trading.

Jens Joneleit
Izabella Kaminska
The Blind Spot
Holly Herndon
Henry Ladewig
Alfred Taudes
Crypto Economist

Born 1959After Studies in Business Administration and Management Information Systems in ViennaPhD at Vienna University of Economics and BusinessAssoc. Professor in Münster, Augsburg and Essen, GermanySince 1993 Professor at Vienna University of Economics and BusinessVisiting Professor at Kobe University, JapanCoordinator of Large Scale Research ProjectsAuthor of more than 100 Scientific PublicationsFounder of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at Vienna University of Economics and BusinessScientific Coordinator of the Austrian Blockchain Center

Georgina Maurino

Georgina García-Mauriño is a Spanish author and illustrator. Since 1997 she has devoted most of her works to introduce classical music, especially opera, to children, having more than 30 titles published in different formats and by different publishers. In 2020, with a small team including tech and legal advisors, and a developer, she started the development of Smartists, a dApp for artists who want to self-manage on the web3, opening their own private online studios.

Francisco Supin

A classical musician and music manager by study. Specialized in the organization of classical music concerts, international tours and Viennese Balls. Experienced artist manager and artistic director. General manager of Strauss Capelle Vienna since 2018.Co-founder of the first classical music NFT made in Vienna: MozartBeats. Co-founder of the Vienna based artist collective NFTunes.

Frank Schulleri

Frank accounts for the onboarding and user experience at Content.Agent, the digital search engine + B2B marketplace for film license trading. He holds degrees in Marketing and International Management from Corvinus University of Budapest and Copenhagen Business School. Equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset and the mission to boost creatives with a passion for tech, quality and people, he launched his own startup and gained experience in various projects in the creative industries.

Franziska Facile
Fifi Rong

London based Chinese British Avant Pop singer, songwriter and producer

David S. Rosen

David S. Rosen is the CEO and founder of Dopr, the discovery and valuation layer for music's web3 future. David earned his B.A in psychology from Emory University and his PhD in cognitive neuroscience from Drexel University, where his research focused on music cognition, the neuroscience of creativity, STEAM education, and music information retrieval. David's award-winning research on music preference formation in pop music, drives Dopr's technology to help make music NFT collecting easier. From an early age, David has been composing and performing music with various bands, which has been the inspiration for his career. David also has a regular hot yoga practice which he credits to helping him stay centered and balanced in a potentially chaotic world.

Daniel Simon

After studying media arts at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, he joined digim in 1999. He introduces new technologies into day-to-day production of the Studio Halle Group, with a strong focus on customer and business development.

Cristina Spinei

Cristina Spinei is a Juilliard-trained composer who has written for numerous orchestras and chamber ensembles. She is best known for her work with dance, having been commissioned by the Joffrey Ballet, Nashville Ballet, Parsons Dance, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and many more. Self-described as “minimalish,” Cristina anchors her musical ideas in melody, movement, and loops, informed by her love of multimedia collaboration. Her work Prelude, recorded by the Gateway Chamber Orchestra, was the first new orchestral piece to be released as an NFT. Cristina’s other NFTs include a programmable string quartet for Async Art, audiovisual Triptych with artist Marterium, and Occulta Verba — an audiovisual cryptogram created with artist luxpris.

Allison Duettmann
Foresight Institute
Christof Straub
Global Rockstar

Christof Straub started his professional career at the beginning of the 1990ties as artist, music producer and songwriter. Since 2008, he is working on the disruption of the traditional music industry via digitalization, with a focus on fair artist remuneration.Christof is the founder of Global Rockstar, a Music NFT Company enabling fans to become shareholders of hit songs: in 2021 has launched the first platform worldwide to offer Music NFTs with royalty participation.

Clack Austen
Cherie Hu
Baher Al Hakim

Baher is a technologist and a serial entrepreneur, he's currently the founder and CEO of Medicus AI, a digital health company based in Vienna. He's also part of the NFTunes collective with a focus on audio-visual NFTs such as MozartBeats and organizing local NFT events and activities. Baher is working on forming a local DAO in Vienna to bring local artists together in a mission to foster and promote local NFT art.

Aurora Mendez

Aurora is a classical violinist and educator who is dedicated to bridging the gap between classical musicians and Web3 by providing educational resources, hosting "NFTs in Classical Music," and advising/onboarding musicians and orchestras who are eager to enter the space. Currently, Aurora is a member of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, Apex Ensemble, and the Latin Orchestra of Europe.

Alper Kaya

Alper KAYA, MDI was born on August 28th, 1961. I graduated from primary, secondary, and high schools in Izmir, Turkey. In 1984, I graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Medicin. I specialized in the Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine, Cukurova University. I earned the title of Specialist in Ophthalmology in 1993 In 1990, I was diagnosed with motor neuron disease. I can move my head. I can control my computer using a head-tracking system. I have tracheostomy and ventilator support. I used to play classical guitar before my diagnosis. I am interested in assistive instruments and assistive music technologies.

André Anjos