Alumni News #3 | New speakers | Trend Update

Only three more weeks to go until the 2nd edition of our #KarajanMusicTech Conference! I’m greatly looking forward to welcoming many of you on March 23rd in Salzburg and discussing trends in Music & Tech. Now, it is the best time to announce a substantial number of our speakers. We are delighted to be joined by these outstanding people. Plus, I also share two of our Alumni Stories and some interesting news from the world of #MusicTech with you.

Wihin the next two weeks, we will announce our complete list of panels and speeches and also give you an introduction to our new speakers. In the meantime, you may have a look at our Blockchain Panel we’ve already announced.

12 new speakers announced

Richard Gooch: CTO, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

Ole Baekhoe: Director, Pierre Boulez Saal

Christopher Widauer: Head of Digital Development, Vienna State Opera

Jana Posth: Senior Project Manager, phase 7 performing.arts

Aurélia Azoulay: Head of Marketing & Business Development, Newzik

Christian Lorenz: Managing Artistic Director, Beethoven Anniversary Society

Seda Röder: Founder, Sonophilia

Sasha Borovik: Head of the Blockchain Advisory Group, Cryptology AG

Sven Sören Beyer: Artistic Director & Founder, phase 7 performing.arts

Paul Fournier: Senior Internal Audit Manager, RTL Group

Nicolas Mosimann: Partner, Kellerhals Carrard

Thomas Reiche: Public Relations, Dresdner Kreuzchor

David Bahanovich: cellist, music director and academic

Alumni News #3

The Silk Road Cultural Belt and the Conference of the Birds have been visited by so far 870.000 people from all over the world. 19.7% of them are visiting the platform on a regular base. The Silk Road Symphony Orchestra and the Silk Road Cultural Belt have won the ‘Land der Ideen 2017‘ Award by a number of performances in Berlin including the Berlin Global Forum in November 2017.

Just enjoy the music! Social Media Thomas has visited Sennheiser’s Berlin Store and listened to Herbert von Karajan’s 1963 version of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 and other masterpieces via Sennheiser’s Orpheus. This headphone including amplifier is considered the world’s most elaborate headphone system and costs around 50.000 Euros. In 2017, Sennheiser has exhibited this headphone type at our very first #KarjanMusicTech conference in Salzburg. If you enjoy HiFi music, get inspired in Sennheiser’s Berlin flagship store!

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Did you know?

Music for programping
At our first edition of #KarajanMusicTech last spring, we already learnt that music can be beneficial for your health by helping the treatment of depression. But for many of us, music is also a way to get the flow while working at the PC. I just found a dedicated list of music for those who want to stay focused while programming the next winning app or writing a blog post, called musicForProgramming. Of course, you may also listen to it when you clean your house. They claim to ‘aid concentration and increase productivity’. Let’s give it a try!

Anti-noice-canelling headphones
On tuesday, I visited the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There, I recognised a very interesting piece of technology: the Sony Xperia Ear Duo. This device truly is relevant to the field of #MusicTech because it helps you to stay connected to the physical world while being drawn into music. In contrast to noice-cancelling headphones, it is adding sounds that are surrounding you to the music you are listening to. So it could be seen as a layer of reality that is added to your musical experience. It helps you not to miss important updates from the real world. Have a look at this impressive video showcasing how it works.

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Thank you!

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Founder Karajan Music Tech Conference
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