Alumni News #4 | How fit are your ears? | New Speakers Profiles

Only two more weeks to go until the 2nd edition of our #KarajanMusicTech Conference! If you haven’t done yet, you may want to register for our conference now. I’m looking forward to seeing many of our Karajan Music Tech family members again and to making new friends.

Today, it’s my pleasure to give you detailed information regarding five of our speakers. Also, I share Alumni Stories from Sync Project, Symmetrica and Mimi Hearing with you. During World Hearing Day, Mimi invited me to hold a speech on Big Data, Emotions and Music. In this newsletter, I share an excerpt of my speech with you. If someone you know wants to participate in our Startup Competition (together with Silicon Castles), you may do so here.

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Meet the speakers

Jana Posth is Senior Project Manager at phase7 performing.arts. From 1998 to 2013, she worked internationally as a dancer in theater, events, show and TV productions. In 2012 she received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Social Sciences at the HU Berlin. Jana has been working at phase7 since 2013, and in 2015 she was made Senior Project Manager for productions in the event and cultural sector.

From 1998 to 2006, Thomas Reiche worked as a presenter, news anchor and live reporter for “MDR Aktuell”. Parallel to his work for MDR, he started his own production company that focused on foreign productions for various German TV stations. In early 2006-2012, he took over the management of the MDR-Landesfunkhaus Sachsen. Since 2013 he is successfully marketing and managing public relations for Dresdner Kreuzchor, developing new media formats.

Aurélia Azoulay is Head of Marketing & Business Development at NEWZIK. Aurelia is a young French-Israeli entrepreneur with a passion for music and technology. She worked for several years with the Opera de Versailles before launching Newzik’s project for orchestras. Quad-lingual, she travels around the world to support all the Symphonies and Chamber Orchestras in the digital transition.

Christian Lorenz is Managing Artistic Director at BTHVN2020 (Beethoven Anniversary Society) in Bonn. He also holds a position as the Culture Manager & Conductor. Prior to this, he held various positions: Director Orchestral Academy (Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival), Managing Artistic Director Internationale Bachakademie and Musikfestival Stuttgart and also worked as Artistic Consultant.

Sasha Borovik is head of the Blockchain Advisory Group at Cryptology AG where he is currently working on several advanced blockchain projects in finance, healthcare, energy and earth observation industries. Since graduating from Harvard Law School, he has been working as an international attorney and entrepreneur in the USA, Munich, Paris and London.  As a member of several management teams, including Microsoft, Akamai and Bio-Signal, which he founded with a world-leading brain scientist from NYU, he was leading companies’ growth strategy across the world. He handled some major technology deals, with organizations such as NATO, UN and the EC.


#KarajanMusicTech Alumni News #4

Sync Project announced that it had joined the audio equipment company Bose. In a press release, the Sync Project team thanks its new parent company: ”We are excited to continue our mission as part of an innovative group that is passionate about improving the lives of people with the power of personalised audio.” The Sync Project partners with scientists and artists in order to use music to improve the human’s biometrics such as heart rate, brain activity and sleep patterns. The public services like remain open and free to use.

Symmetrica reports an astounding track record after their first year of full operations: they have recorded or live-streamed 27 concerts in 4 countries on 2 continents. In total, they have reached more than 700 hours of recorded media and over 8 million views so far. Every concert is recorded in up to 16 different angles. Symmetrica offers dynamic webcast solutions for orchestras, operas, ballet and jazz. They also offer video mapping & technology consulting solutions for arts institutions.

“How fit are your ears really?” – that’s the name of Mimi Hearing Technology’s new prevention campaign supporting healthy hearing. The campaign has been kicked off during this year’s World Hearing Day on March 3rd in Berlin. Inside the Demo Area, visitors had the chance to conduct the Mimi hearing test and use the sound personalisation service. Also, I gave a mini-lecture (read more about it below). There’s a Mimi Hearing Test app for Android and iOS. If you want to experience music that is personalised to your ears, try out the Mimi App on Android or iOS devices.

Big Data. Emotions and Music – World Hearing Day

I have mentioned Mimi’s World Hearing Day event earlier. There, I was allowed to give a mini-lecture called “Big Data, Emotions and Music”. I want to share an excerpt of my speech: “The world is sound, everything vibrates.The world is also data, natural frequencies that we hear through our ears and perceive through the skin. All of this data is processed through our bodies and subsequently in our brains as data streams. Our brain recognizes, filters, combines, stores and forgets. That’s how awareness arises, that’s how memories are created; feelings and eventually our world view, our ego. […]Music compresses human experiences in the highest form, into pure emotions, moods, and feelings. It does so through abstract structures — the musical works written down by composers — which are then played by musicians and heard by us, invoking deep feelings and emotions. […] I believe that through intelligent musical systems […], our human species can grow beyond its innate limitations. We will become more sensitive, can take-in more of the world around us, communicate better and thus become more intelligent. That to me is the power of music.”

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On monday, we have announced our Karajan Music Tech Startup Competition in cooperation with Silicon Castles. The prize will be awarded during our #KarajanMusicTech Conference in Salzburg on March 23, 2018.

Music and Media Tech Startups are invited to participate, all startups that participate in the Innovation Lab of the conference are eligible to join the competition. If not done yet, please submit the following documentation until March 16th online: Pitch Deck, Founders’ Bios, Stage of Funding, further supporting documentation and links to videos as necessary.

Prizes include a ticket to Silicon Castles Startup Executive Academy (value: 5,000 Euros), the participation at Sonophilia Retreat 2018 and space in the Innovation Lab for next year’s Karajan Music Tech Conference.

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Please also sign up for our Blockchain Hackathon (March 21st/22nd) – either as participant or partner. If you wish to contribute with data, APIs or brain power, please be in touch with me. I would be delighted to take you on board.

Thank you!

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