Karajan Music Tech Alumni News

With the Karajan Music Tech Conference around the corner, I thought it might be interesting to reach out to our alumni and seewhat they have been up to in the past year. Here are some exciting news, more to come in the following days.

The founders of HELLO STAGE, Bernhard Kerres and Bettina Mehne, have won the prestigious Association of British Orchestra’s Artist Manager of the Year Award for their book and online courses “Be Your Own Manager” as well as their work at HELLO STAGE.

2017 was a powerful year for HealthTunes. They released their new 2.0 engine in October 2017 and were validated and endorsed by two UCLA Medical departments (here and here). HealthTunes is also starting a Sensory Deprivation Study with AKH, Vienna.

2017 Karajan Music Tech moderator Jessica Lustig, Managing Director of 21C Media Group in New York, pictured with Afghan Women’s Orchestra “Zohra” at their debut during the closing ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 2017: see here. Jessica is a consultant to the orchestra.

Alexander Rehding’s book Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 (Oxford University Press) discusses the various roles the symphony plays in the digital age. Check it out here! Dr. Rehding is a professor of musicology at Harvard University and scientific adviser to the Karajan Institute’s research project.

The Holland Festival recently announced the programme for its 2018 edition, including several productions worth the attention of music & tech enthusiasts, such as Sight Machine by Trevor Paglen and the Kronos Quartet, the videogame-turned-live performance Oikospiel II: Heat Cantata by David Kanaga, and a preview of Colin Benders’s new Electro Symphonic Orchestra.

Music:Eyes has partnered with the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich and the Music-Conservatory Zurich in an education project that culminates in two performances on March 18 in Zurich of Beethoven’s 4th Symphony with visualizations created by students on the Music:Eyes software.

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