Arshia Cont

Co-founder @ Antescofo

Arshia Cont is Co-Founder of Antescofo, the team that brings AI technology to the greater public.

Arshia┬┤s passion is at the intersection of Music and Artificial Intelligence! Arshia has a PhD in Computer Music from the University of California, San Diego, prior to that he studied for his MS in the Pierre & Marie Curie University and his BS in the Virginia Tech. From 2012 to 2016, Arshia Cont was heading the MuTant research team sponsored by INRIA at IRCAM; and in parallel, managing the Research/Creativity Interfaces Department (IRC) at IRCAM.

As a researcher, his passion is to engage new technologies in the process of musical creativity involving humans and computers. His work has notably led to the development of Antescofo and since April 2016, he is serving a Start-up Company aiming to bring the Antescofo technology to the greater public.