Elfriede Sixt

Founder @ FinTech Academy

Elfriede Sixt is a Chartered Accountant, Tax Consultant, Tax Spokeswoman of the German Blockchain Federal Association, Business Angel, Author and Lecturer. She passed the US CPA exam in 1993 and worked for many years as a partner and managing director of Ernst & Young Vienna. She is the founder of the FinTech Academy and a founding member of the German Crowdfunding Network. Ms. Sixt has been dealing with crowdfunding for several years and publishes on topics in this field (e. g. the book “Schwarm√∂konomie und Crowdfunding” published by SpringerGabler Verlag). She runs the crowdfunding blog ebit4u.com. In September 2016, her second book: “Bitcoin and other decentralized transaction systems /block chains as the basis of a crypto-economy” was published.