Florian Novak

Founder & CEO @ Tonio

Florian is a founding shareholder of Radio Energy Vienna (from 1997 until 2007) and Radio LoungeFM (since 2005).

In 2005 LoungeFM started broadcasting worldwide digital exclusively via UMTS/3G as one of the first radio stations worldwide, since 2008 LoungeFM is also distributed via FM, meanwhile in six Austrian provincial capitals and since 2011 via DAB+ troughout Germany.

In 2014 Florian Novak founded Tonio, for transmitting URLs via radio and TV on smartphones (www.tonio.com).

Born in 1974. Various journalism courses and editorial Work at Austria Presse Agentur (APA) and Salzburger Nachrichten while studying law at the universities of Vienna and Oslo. Awarded with 1st Austrian radio award 2015 (Ă–sterreichischer Radiopreis des ORF und des VĂ–P) and Media Future Award (Medienzukunftspreis).