Ricardo Simian

Founder @ 3D Music Instruments

The quest for the early music sounds, and in particular the cornetto, has taken Ricardo Simian from his mother town Santiago, Chile to the italian Milano and finally to the swiss Basel, collecting a bachelor degree and a specialized diploma in early music and recorder (within the „Civica Scuola di Musica di Milano“) and a masters degree in cornetto (within the „Schola Cantorum Basiliensis“) in the way.

As an active performer, teacher and researcher he continues to expand his sound horizons through the study and development of recently rediscovered early instruments such as the tenor cornetto, the cornettino and the slide trumpet, as any active musician would have done at the time. Such research into the early baroque, renaissance and late medieval musical landscapes lead to the creation of the ensembles „Mandragora“ and „Gruppo Seicento“, of which he is a founder member.

In 2013 he started a „3D printed instruments“ project which seeks to produce very accurate copies of original instruments in a modern and practical way. This effort, combined with his pedagogical work in Germany, Switzerland and Italy aims to contribute to the rediscovery of the ancient instruments sounds‘ to the new generations.