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Aleksey Igudesman

Limitless Orchestra

Aleksey Igudesman is internationally known as a violinist, composer, conductor, actor and filmmaker. His numerous compositions are published by Universal Edition and are performed worldwide by soloists, ensembles and orchestras, such as the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, often with Igudesman himself as solo violinist and conductor. Igudesman has written for and performed as a soloist on numerous movie soundtracks and has worked with Academy Award winning film composer Hans Zimmer on movies such as “Sherlock Holmes” which was nominated for an Oscar for best original score. In 2012, Igudesman. directed, produced and starred in the feature length mockumentary “Noseland”, featuring John Malkovich, Sir Roger Moore and Julian Rachlin. In recent years he was also directing other productions together with Hyung-ki Joo like ‘Breaking Beethoven’ or ‘Breaking Rachmaninoff’ staring artists like Billy Joel, John Malkovich or Yuja Wang.

Aleksey Igudesman

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