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Antoine Leboyer

Venture Lab for Software and Artificial Intelligence at Technical University of Munich

Antoine Leboyer is the Managing Director of the Munich Technical University Venture Lab for Software and Artificial Intelligence which supports over a hundred university-led startups. Following various positions in the technology sector, he was from 2008 to 2020 President and CEO of the Swiss software group GSX until its acquisition by Martello Technology.

He has served as board member of various software companies worldwide as well as Geneva’s Liberal Synagogue. He currently sits on the board of Munich based Hyperganic. He holds an engineering degree from France's Central-Supélec and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He co-wrote “Building Routes to Customers” and is the producer of the TUM Venture Lab podcast “Entrepreneurial Realities" which has received countless VCs, founders, and members of the Academic world.

He is also a reviewer for ConcertoNet and Seen and Heard International, two leading classical music magazines. He first attended the Salzburg Festival in 1981 where he heard Herbert von Karajan conducts Bruckner’s Te Deum and has regularly visited the festival since. Antoine and his wife Margot, a Mozarteum alumni and a professional Soprano, have two children.

Antoine Leboyer

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