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Dominik Joelsohn

Music Traveler

Dominik Joelsohn stands as a distinguished co-founding member and Chief Operating Officer at Music Traveler. His impactful journey in the music industry began with a diverse array of projects before his pivotal role at Music Traveler.

Prior to his illustrious career in the music industry, Dominik Joelsohn displayed his intellectual prowess by earning a degree with distinction in architecture from the Vienna University of Technology. His architectural journey included notable contributions to renowned architecture firms in Munich and Vienna. His diverse professional background also spans experiences with esteemed companies like 'Porsche Holding' and 'Unicredit,' showcasing his adaptability and multi-faceted expertise.

Dominik’s trajectory is not only defined by his success in music and architecture but also by his unwavering commitment to excellence across diverse industries, marking him as a distinguished leader in his professional endeavors.

Dominik Joelsohn

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