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Matthias Strobel

Music Tech Germany

Matthias Strobel is the President of MusicTech Germany, the Federal Association for Music Technology in Germany, Vice-President of Music Tech Europe, the European umbrella association of national music technology associations in Europ, and founder of Wicked Artists, a booking agency for exceptionally creative technology and new media artists. He is Germany’s main point of contact for music technology innovation and his network of entrepreneurs, industry executives, researchers, and his connections to (inter)national policy makers, and media representatives make him one of Europe’s renowned experts in that area.

Matthias Strobel serves as a consultant, mentor, and independent manager to help accelerate avant-garde approaches from startups. Determined to further the innovative potential – and thus future success – of artists and entrepreneurs, he uses his experience and leverages his network to help create the music ecosystem of tomorrow. He gives lectures about music technology at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at the University of New York and facilitates events on innovation for the music ecosystem to foster the knowledge transfer between visionaries from all intersections of the creative industries. His curates conferences and runs his own event series, the Berlin Music Tech Meetups which has grown into a community of more than 2.100 music tech enthusiasts from Berlin.

Matthias Strobel

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